Mission Statement

The mission of K9 Defender Fund is to support K9 units within a public, private or government service related working environment by providing them with specialized equipment at their request. These units lend direct benefit to the general population and are provided all specialized equipment free-of-charge through our fund raising and private donation efforts.
Our mission includes:
     . Support to Military Working Dog teams (MWD teams), by providing any specialized gear the handler deems as necessary to aid in the protection of themselves, their dog and/or the soldiers they serve along side of.
     . Educating the public on the services our Military Working Dogs (MWD's) provide to our soldiers and our nation.
     . Reaching out to law enforcement K9 units to help provide essential equipment to aid in the protection of their K9 and themselves.
     . Working with Military Working Dog handlers, Local Fire and Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue Teams to supply them with a BUDDY BAG to aid in immediate animal rescues.