The best chance for these special 4- Legged Defenders is in the BAG.....THE BUDDY BAG!
With your help, we can provide our 4-legged Heroes in need with help at the point of rescue and after. 

A sponsored THE BUDDY BAG can be embroidered to identify the sponsor ( You/Your Company).


This is what MWD Edo's handler, SSG Loretta Streichert with the 100th MWD Detachment, has to say about her BUDDY BAG...

Why a medical bag is important?

"MWDs out on missions require medical attention much like a regular Soldier would if they become hurt. Having a First aid bag (Buddy Bag) allows the handler to have handy what is needed to take care of their Military Working Dog. Complete with a splint FOR a dog, bandages, sterile wash."

SSG Streichert goes on to say, "the splint is AWESOME!! Finally a splint for a handler to carry that is FOR A DOG, not a splint from the hospital we would use for a human!!!!"





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