What We Do

The common factor that unites all of these teams is the specialized dog that stands along side them. Each and every one of these amazing animals, along with their partner, provide a service of protection to the general public. It is the goal of the K9 Defender Fund to help assist in the welfare of these specialized dogs and their handlers,  by providing the essential equipment that allows for the teams safety and fastest means of medical response for the K9.

Commonly requested equipment for the above groups consists of:

***K9 Extensive Trauma Kit Equipped with pet O2 Mask and BVM Bag***

The Donation of a Buddy Bag requires a written consent from the requesting handler, that upon receipt of their bag, the handler will visit their veterinarian for instructions on the enclosed items.

- cooling vests for dogs

- protective eye and paw wear

- K9 designed water bottles

- reward items such as Kongs