MWD Edo  - Handler L. Streichert


MWD Tara guarding Air Force One

K. Jethwa and a United Nations MWD team with their BUDDYbag".


MWD Tara and her Navy handler guarding Marine One

" Tracy, I don't know how to Thank You for the first aid bag. I have just returned from camp with the boxes you sent over. This will help out with our next mission we have coming up in a different part of the world, 6 EDD teams will be flying out there with the gift from you. Thank you so much from all of my K9 team. Big hug."

Deputy State Fire Marshal Justin Strahan with the Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office and Explosives Detection K9 Ringo showing off their new Buddy Bag


Dickson and MWD Misa
Handler D. Nyamushure writes:
"So I would like to say God Bless you and your organization for the support you gave to us and we won't forget your love of us and the team. Thank you."

 CWD Sasha (GSD) and CWD Jonty
Note from Handler H. Lunga…
"Thank you very much and we are so proud of the support that you give to us."

D. Batt and CWD Tara
" It makes a persons heart warm when you see there is still people out there that care."


On behalf of the McLean County Emergency Management Agency's Search and Rescue Division, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the donation of the Buddy Bag and special K-9 stretcher. We are extremely grateful to have received these generous gifts. These medical items were something that we were in great need of for our SAR rehabilitation trailer. While we hope that we never have to use it, it gives us much more peace of mind to have these items at the ready in the event of a medical emergency for our K-9 partners. Thank you for such a generous donation.
-Corporal Matt Noar

Pictured are Corporal Matt Noar and K-9 Küster, Sergeant Joan Brehm and K-9 Buzz, and K-9 Handler Melissa Nergard and K-9 Brennan along with the new Buddy Bag and K-9 Oxygen mask.


Monroe County Sheriff Deputies Moodey and Peters, along with K9 Officers Ranger and Mia. Also pictured is Officer S. Hart and K9 Officer Kizer from Pinckney,MI.
Thank you to Cabelas (Dundee, MI) for arranging a meeting room for the BUDDY BAG training and distribution.